What We Do

We help non-profits, associations, and other mission-oriented businesses address their information security risks and more effectively harness the power of technology so they can focus on what they do best…making the world and their local communities better places to live.


  • We work with senior leaders and boards of directors to identify the risks that affect them, Cybersecuritythen develop and implement effective measures to address those risks.
  • We educate employees at all levels about how to protect themselves, their companies, and their data from security risks.
  • We conduct assessments of our customers’ systems and data, including the people, processes, and technology. We compare your current environment to a benchmark for small business security controls.  And we help you implement improvements to your security practices.
  • We provide ongoing support, advice, and incident response services to our customers.

Business Technology Strategy

  • Business Technology StrategyWe work with our customers to create and implement a clear, business-aligned technology strategy to help keep you and your team focused on achieving your company’s most critical objectives.
  • We help our customers translate the market demand for digital transformation into achievable action plans to help them satisfy their stakeholders, including customers, members, and sponsors.

Why Pinnacle?

EXPERIENCE – We have decades of experience in IT.  We have led cyber security teams in highly complex industries like financial services and defense.

EXPERTISE – Our team are highly-trained in both security and project management.  We have earned valuable credentials, including CISSP (for security professionals) and PMP (for project management).

MISSION — We know your organization exists to serve a specific mission, and we know that security is only a small part of achieving that mission.  We are passionate about helping our customers make the world a better place by addressing their most pressing cyber risks.

DESIGNED FOR YOU — Our services are tailored to associations, non-profits, and other mission-focused businesses.  We will help you build a security program tailored to the needs of small organizations that do BIG work, not the other way around!